Red Hat on the River


I have wanted to try Red Hat on the River for some time now so I decided Hudson Valley Restaurant week would be a great time to do so. The cozy and romantic restaurant sits along the Hudson River in the quaint town of Irvington, NY. Although it was a chilly night, it didn’t stop me from admiring the stunning view of the Manhattan skyline from outside of the restaurant. My husband and I started off with cocktails at the intimate U-shaped bar. The bartender was excellent, and I enjoyed the most delectable pear cocktail along with the tasty sweet potato chips they have at the bar.

When it was time for our reservation, they seated us upstairs, where we enjoyed our dinner in the restaurant’s serene atmosphere. The mini baguettes they serve with dinner added to the authenticity of this French-inspired restaurant. I chose to order from the Restaurant Week menu and my husband ordered from their traditional menu.

We both had the French onion soup to start, which was savory and delightful. I rarely have the pleasure of enjoying french onion soup at restaurants because most places make it using beef broth, and I don’t eat red meat. Red Hat On The River, however, created a delicious vegetarian soup which could satiate the palettes of carnivores, vegetarians, and all others in between.

For the main course, I enjoyed the Pan-Roasted Free Range chicken. The portions were generous and the food was cooked to perfection. My husband ordered the ‘Banh Mi’ Style Beef Sandwich, and enjoyed every bite!

Last, but certainly not least, we both ordered delicious desserts. My husband ordered the key lime pie, which was made in house and fresh as can be. The combination of its light texture with the right amount of tartness made for a pleasant dessert experience. I had the Lemon Tea Cake, which was from By The Way Bakery in Hastings-On-Hudson. The cake, which was also gluten-free, was moist in texture and rich in flavor. I think it’s especially wonderful that Red Hat supports local businesses…what a great way to promote buying local in the Hudson Valley! I hope to visit the By The Way Bakery and taste their other delicacies soon.

We left the restaurant feeling very full and satisfied. I hope to return soon and try more of this wonderful restaurant’s specialties.

Restaurant Week ends on 11/17/13. I highly recommend trying one of the many amazing participating restaurants! Here is a link to them:

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xoxo, Jessi