Antiquing in Tarrytown


Now that Spring is slowly approaching, the weather is getting slightly warmer making it more enticing to explore new places. While I have been to Tarrytown numerous times, I had previously only checked out one of the consignment shops. Today, my Mother-In-Law and I strolled around the town and visited many of the antique & thrift shops that frequent this quaint riverside town. Our first stop was Pretty Funny Vintage which I had been wanting to check out for awhile. I didn’t make any purchases, however, I adored the store. The beautiful wrap around porch of the store overlooks the picturesque Hudson River & is equally pleasing to the eyes once inside. From the structures of the house to the large collection of pearls, books, & housewares, there are many beautiful elements to take in. Our next stop was The Cherry Door thrift shop on Main Street. They had a nice array of goods from books to dressers and records, all at reasonable prices. We peeked in Carol Master Antiques next. The music selection combined with the eccentric collection of furniture made me feel like I walked into 1970s LA–in a good way. There was a wide variety of eras represented through the furniture & decor, but I thoroughly enjoyed the 70s vibe I was getting. This shop is highly recommended if you are looking for a special piece to make your home complete. We headed around the corner to the side street Kaldenberg Place next and got a two for one deal in the refurbished firehouse which houses Hank’s Alley & The Thrifty Squirrel. Both places had excellent prices. My Mother-In-Law acquired some great house goods from Hank’s Alley & I purchased a beautiful scarf and two pairs of earrings from The Thrifty Squirrel. The Thrifty Squirrel was one of my favorite shops of all of them. The shop owner was extremely friendly, passionate about her job, and created a welcoming space in her store & the deals were great! I look forward to seeing what more comes to the store. We ended our excursion with delicious coffees from Coffee Labs Roasters, a terrific way to end the day. Now that it is getting warmer out, I highly recommend a day trip to Tarrytown to enjoy the antique & thrift shops, as well as all of the other charming places Tarrytown has to offer.


Pretty Funny Vintage porch

View of the porch at Pretty Funny Vintage


Pretty Funny Vintage typewriter

Beautiful vintage typewriter at Pretty Funny Vintage


A Nu Toy Store

Awesome K’Nex Ferris Wheel at A Nu Toy Store


Tarrytown Music Hall

Front View of Tarrytown Music Hall


Tarrytown Music Hall 2

View of Tarrytown Music Lab from the benches in front of Coffee Labs Roasters


The Thrifty Squirrel

My awesome finds from The Thrifty Squirrel