Ludwig Montesa-The Angel of New Paltz


Flowers and trinkets symbolic of Ludwig left on Main Street in

New Paltz in honor of his memory

This special post is dedicated to the life of the amazing Ludwig Montesa, who sadly passed away last week. Ludwig was one of the people you meet that touches your life forever. As a resident and a staple in the New Paltz, NY community, Ludwig brought a smile to everyone he came across. My heart broke the other day when I drove down Main Street in New Paltz, knowing I wouldn’t see him there again. The candles and memorial for him on the sidewalk brought a tear to my eye for him, his family, and the town.

Having since moved out of Ulster County, I haven’t had the chance to see and chat with him as often in the past few years. However, a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of catching up with him when I was in the area visiting. I am extremely grateful that I was blessed with a chance to see him and receive one of his genuine and caring hugs one more time. He truly cared for people on a level unknown to many. One of my fondest memories of him was at my graduation from SUNY New Paltz. He was even more excited and happy for me than I was. Of course, he gave me one of his amazing heartwarming hugs accompanied with his contagious smile, which made the moment all the more memorable. Reading through is Facebook Fan page, it is evident that he shared many memories similar to this with others and truly loved and inspired many.

Although still a wonderful place, New Paltz’s Main Street will never quite be the same without his friendly face. Ludwig, you are deeply missed by many but live in the hearts of the lives and town that you so greatly impacted.


Here is an article about Ludwig on the Mid-Hudson News website:

For those who knew Ludwig, here is a link to the Facebook fan page for him:

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